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With a wealth of qualified loads and a trusted network of expert carriers, Glorified Logistics Services makes it easy to connect with shippers needing to haul oversize, overweight, and specialized loads.

At Glorified Logistics Services, we specialize in helping trucking companies find the best and highest freight load pay possible.

Our services are catered to Trucking Fleets, Owner Operators, & Independent Truckers. Our qualified dispatchers work on a percentage basis so it is in our best interest to find the best paying loads available for all parties.

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Glorified Logistics' Load Board uses blind bidding only, eliminating the frustration that comes from getting undercut by other users.

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Glorified Logistics' Load Board is populated by our industry-leading platforms.

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Glorified Logistics' experts are available to you at every point within the process. They will answer your questions and help you handle any complexities that may arise.


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